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Testimony of Corey R. Lewandowski on HB 370

February 01, 2013




JANUARY 31, 2013

Madam Chairwoman, members of the Committee, my name is Corey Lewandowski and I am the State Director of Americans for Prosperity in New Hampshire.  I am here today to express my opposition to HB 370, an act which would repeal the education tax credit program established by the legislature last session.

AFP-NH is an ardent supporter of the education tax credit program which would empower parents to make the best possible choice regarding their children’s education by enabling businesses to receive a tax credit for a donation to fund scholarships for families in need.  So far, the Network for Educational Opportunity has received applications for 250 children under the program.  But before the program can even get off the ground, this bill attempts to repeal this worthwhile effort in its entirety.

Let’s not kid ourselves – this program is about offering more than just scholarships to NH families.  It is about offering them hope.  Hope to families who could never dream of sending their children to a better school by any other means.  To take that hope away is simply reprehensible.  This program places the power squarely in the hands of NH families and lets them decide how to best educate their children.   I understand that there are concerns regarding this program due to lost revenue to the state but the state does not need more revenue – it needs a better business climate and a better prepared and better educated workforce.  This program will work toward providing all of those outcomes.

I ask that you consider what is in the long-term best interest of this state rather than just searching for a short-term revenue source and oppose HB 370.  Don’t take away the hope that has been offered to so many NH families.

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