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Last Chance: Stop the Gas Tax Hike!

March 25, 2013

On WEDNESDAY the NH House will vote on HB 617 which would increase the gasoline and diesel tax in the state by 67%.

We need your help to stop them from imposing this unnecessary burden and job-killing tax hike on our families and business owners.

Contact your House Members today and ask them to OPPOSE HB 617!

CLICK HERE to find your House Members and their contact information.

CLICK HERE if you have not signed our anti-gasoline and diesel tax hike petition.

Gas prices are at record highs and yet HB 617 will INCREASE the tax on gasoline and diesel so that you have to pay $2.50 more every time you fill up your tank.

If allowed to pass, this tax will have a devastating effect on our still struggling economy, making it harder for people to afford to fill up their tank, driving up the costs of nearly everything we consume and making it harder for businesses to hire more workers.

This Wednesday is the last chance we have to stop the House from approving this tax hike on gasoline and diesel!

Please contact your House member today and ask them to oppose HB 617.

CLICK HERE to find your House Members and their contact information and CLICK HERE to sign the petition opposing this tax hike!

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