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Did Your Legislators Vote for Economic Prosperity?

June 13, 2012

First, the House and Senate voted on numerous Committees of Conference reports.

We are pleased with the outcome on some votes including:

  • CACR 13, which will allow voters to amend the state constitution to ban an income tax – Use these links to see how your legislators voted in the HOUSE and the SENATE.
  • Electric Renewable Portfolio Standards that will save NH ratepayers money – Use these links to see how your legislators voted in the HOUSE and the SENATE.
  • HB 1487, which will prevent our state from joining a Liquid RGGI program and was passed by a Voice Vote.

Unfortunately, the House did not have the votes needed to send CACR 6, which would have required a 3/5 majority vote in the legislature to raise taxes or fees, to the voters. Please use these links to see which legislators DO NOT want to make it more difficult to increase your taxes or fees in the HOUSE and the SENATE.

Additionally, the House and Senate approved the compromise version of the RGGI bill that ties our fate in the program to Massachusetts or Connecticut. We remain committed to removing NH from this failed cap-and-trade scheme regardless of the action or inaction of other states. Use these links to see how your legislators voted on RGGI in the HOUSE and the SENATE.

Secondly, CLICK HERE to read more about the EPA’s efforts to overregulate companies trying to do business.

Finally, please use THIS LINK to watch my conversation about this legislative session with House Majority Leader Pete Silva and State Representative Carl Seidel on the People’s View.

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