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April 18, 2013

The House-passed budget contained several business tax increases that are bad news for all of us as they will impede economic expansion and job creation.

As you know, just as we cannot tax our way to prosperity; we cannot create jobs by taxing the job-creators!

We need your help to stop the House’s opposition to job creation in New Hampshire.

I encourage you to contact your Senator and ask them to remove these job-killing measures contained in the House budget. CLICK HERE to find your Senator and their contact information right away.

Among the anti-job creation measures in the House passed budget were:

  • An increase the Business Enterprise Tax (BET), which was scheduled to see its exemption increase by 25%, as well as to be indexed for inflation; and
  • An increase in the Business Profits Tax (BPT) by reducing the loss carry forward and extending BET tax credits against the BPT.

CLICK HERE to find your Senator and ask them to remove these provisions from the state budget!

Our state was recently ranked 48th for business taxes nationally by the Tax Foundation. This is not good news for the businesses currently in the state or any employers looking to relocate to New Hampshire. It is certainly not good news for the more than 43,000 New Hampshire residents who are out of work and hoping to find jobs.

CLICK HERE to find your Senator and ask them to put pro-job reforms in place so we can get our economy moving forward again!

Thank you for your efforts to encourage job creation in New Hampshire.

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