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Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire Disappointed in Senate Vote on Super Majority Legislation

February 16, 2012 J

WINDHAM – Americans for Prosperity (AFP) New Hampshire is expressing extreme disappointment in the New Hampshire Senate’s passage of an amended version of CACR 6.

“I am very disappointed that the Senate voted to amend CACR 6 in a way that will make it easier for future legislatures to raise the taxes of the residents of New Hampshire,” said Corey R. Lewandowski, State Director of Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire. “The bill as passed by the House would have given the people of New Hampshire an opportunity this fall to vote on the measure without any strings attached to population increases or inflation.”

CACR 6, the so-called Super Majority Legislation, as passed by the House was a proposed Constitutional Amendment that would require a 3/5 majority vote of the legislature for any increase in taxes or fees. The legislation was altered in the Senate with an amendment from Senator Peter Bragdon.

“The people of New Hampshire sent an historic number of new members to this legislature to bring accountability to an over-taxing state government. The people deserve the chance and have a right to vote on this amendment and have a say on how their tax dollars are spent and how and if their taxes are raised,” Lewandowski continued. “I am sorry to see the Senate chose to deny them that right.”

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