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Scoring for Our Annual Legislative Score Card Has Begun

February 22, 2012 J

As our legislators in Concord continue their work on several pieces of legislation impacting the state of our economy, I urge you to stay informed and hope these emails help you to do so.

Many of these bills will appear in our second annual legislative score card which our foundation will release later this year.

• The Senate passed CACR 6 with an amendment sponsored by Senator Peter Bragdon.

The House version of CACR 6 would have given the people of our state the opportunity to vote this November on the measure requiring a 3/5 majority for any future increase in taxes or fees. Unfortunately, the Senate voted to alter the bill.

You can CLICK HERE to read more.

Bedford Patch: Panel Talks Primaries, Fiscal Crisis

October 14, 2011 J

By Michael Ryan – October 14, 2011

A crowd of nearly 200 people came out to Saint Anselm College on Oct. 13 for a discussion on the current fiscal crisis as well as the electoral system and New Hampshire's status as "first in the nation."

The event took place at the N.H. Institute of Politics. Six panelists facilitated the conversation which came before appearances from presidential candidates Buddy Roemer, Fred Karger and Jon Huntsman.

One of those panelists was Corey Lewandowski, who serves as the N.H. State Director of Americans for Prosperity. He criticized what he called the "increasing notion" that a candidate's money is respected more than a candidate's ideas during election time.
Lewandowski also discussed the potentially disastrous problems that Washington is facing.

GrokTV Event: TEA Party Express – Corey Lewandowski

September 05, 2011 J

GraniteGrok – September 5, 2011

Well, even though returned from yet another TEA Party Express event today (where Sarah Palin was the headline speaker), I have still a few more videos to put up.

Although the TEA Party Express (and the PAC behind it) is the main sponsor of their tour that took them to Concord last night and Manchester and Nashua today, Americans for Prosperity / NH also was an underwriter here in NH. As Corey Lewandowski, Executive Director of AFP/NH, put it - they're sponsoring the big Jumbotron at the events.

Also present last night (and today), was national level blogger Stacy McCain. He was kind enough link up my video of Mitt's speech last night (and I thanked him for that in Manchester today). He's also got a couple of posts of pictures of today's TEA Party Express event as well.

I had the chance to do a micro-interview with Stacy and the video of Corey is that of him speaking last night.

Concord Monitor: Taking the Tea Party’s temperature

September 04, 2011 J

By Matthew Spolar, Monitor Staff – September 4, 2011

Started in an anti-tax, anti-bailout fury shortly after President Obama took office, the Tea Party movement's populist conservatism has spawned a bus tour and a caucus in Congress. It was seen as driving a wave of Republican victories in November. Jack Kimball, a leader of the movement in New Hampshire, was elected head of the state's Republican Party in January, then cited a rift between his supporters and the party's establishment as the reason he resigned last week.

Tonight, presidential candidate Mitt Romney is set to speak at 5:45 in Rollins Park as part of the Tea Party Express bus tour. Tomorrow, the Express will host former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin at Manchester's Veterans Memorial Park.

All this Tea Partying begs the question: Two years into the movement, what do average voters make of the Tea Party?

Boston Globe: Romney makes move to embrace Tea Party

September 01, 2011 J

By Matt Viser and Tracy Jan, Globe Staff -September 1, 2011

WASHINGTON - For much of the past year, Mitt Romney seemed to strenuously avoid looking as if he were too closely linked to the Tea Party. No longer.

In an apparent strategic shift, Romney will be standing beneath a Tea Party Express banner in New Hampshire on Sunday night, and by Monday afternoon he will be at a Republican gathering in South Carolina hosted by Senator Jim DeMint, the South Carolina Republican and Tea Party kingmaker.

What changed?

Governor Rick Perry of Texas entered the race, accepted swoons from the Tea Party, and immediately replaced Romney as the Republican frontrunner.

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