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Stop Medicaid Expansion today!

November 01, 2013 J,

Believe that Medicaid Expansion would be Wrong for New Hampshire?! Then we need you to tell your State Senator today! Medicaid Expansion is neither in the fiscal best interest of our state nor in the physical best interest of our residents who would be dumped from high-quality private insurance into the failing and bloated Medicaid […]

a done deal

October 21, 2013 J,

Last week, the stacked deck ObamaCare Medicaid expansion commission put out its report.  As we expected, they embraced a plan to bring ObamaCare here and to shift tens of thousands of New Hampshire residents from quality private health insurance into a substandard Medicaid program. At the same time, they embraced a plan that will cost […]

$500 million for a website

October 17, 2013 J,

We have been engaged in a years-long fight to curb wasteful Washington spending.  You have made it clear that getting our nation’s long-term financial future in place is absolutely critical. Yet for some reason too many Washington politicians are still wasting your hard-earned tax dollars on unnecessary government programs. The list includes: $500 million for […]

‘Nothing Short of Disastrous’

October 10, 2013 J,

ObamaCare Website Launch ‘Nothing Short of Disastrous’ But don’t take it our word for it.  That’s a direct headline from CBS News. The ObamaCare website launch has become fodder for late night talk show hosts and news reporters across the country.  One reporter even spent a whole day trying to sign up.  Watch it HERE. […]

You Could Lose Your Doctor

September 26, 2013 J,

It’s true… you could lose your doctor if New Hampshire expands Medicaid under ObamaCare. I know the President promised all Americans that if we liked our doctor, we could keep our doctor.  But like so many other promises made about ObamaCare, this is simply untrue. According to a study from the Lewin Group prepared for […]