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We will repeal

August 04, 2013

Trust me when I tell you this: we are going to repeal ObamaCare. It may take a while, or not. But either way, we’re going to take this terrible law off the books. Just yesterday we released another multi-state TV ad introducing a family doctor who is worried about her patients and the state of health [...]

Will we see you Thursday?!

July 30, 2013

I hope you will join us at the State House on Thursday at NOON for our Wrong for New Hampshire summer picnic and rally. CLICK HERE to register now for this FREE event! We all know Obamacare is Wrong for New Hampshire and will result in cuts in services, higher premiums and doctor shortages. On Thursday, let’s [...]

Rally At the State House Next Thursday!

July 24, 2013

Do you agree that Obamacare is Wrong for New Hampshire?! Do you believe Obamacare will result in cuts in services, higher premiums and doctor shortages?! Do you oppose dumping more of our fellow residents onto a substandard Medicaid system?! Then plan to join us at the State House next Thursday, August 1 for our Wrong [...]

The Torch: Fighting ObamaCare Across The Country

July 18, 2013

Right now AFP is on the airwaves in Ohio and Virginia to educate the public about the harmful impact of ObamaCare. The new summer-long push will utilize micro-targeted TV and online ads to reach a key demographic of women 35 and older within these states. Studies have shown that these women are the healthcare decision [...]

Still Wrong for New Hampshire

July 10, 2013

Yesterday, the first meeting of the ObamaCare Medicaid expansion study commission was held.  The commission, authorized in the state budget, has been asked to report on the expansion of Medicaid by October 15. Even though the majority of the group is made up of ObamaCare supporters, we still believe that expanding Medicaid, the largest program in [...]