The Torch: Fighting ObamaCare Across The Country

July 18, 2013

Right now AFP is on the airwaves in Ohio and Virginia to educate the public about the harmful impact of ObamaCare. The new summer-long push will utilize micro-targeted TV and online ads to reach a key demographic of women 35 and older within these states.

Studies have shown that these women are the healthcare decision makers for their children and often parents, so we’ve put together a summer long effort to explain just how devastating ObamaCare will be to their family.

You can also learn about the detrimental impact ObamaCare will have on you and your family by visiting

Meanwhile, national media from the New York Times to the Washington Post have already taken notice of our push.

AFP- Gets Involved in Farm Bill Showdown

Earlier this month, AFP launched a major grassroots effort utilizing emails, phone calls, web videos, and social media to pressure lawmakers to vote no on the Farm Bill. That effort specifically targeted 10 House Republicans and 5 Democrats.

AFP ran two different ads that explained how celebrities like Bon Jovi received Farm Bill subsidies, when small family farms recieved next to nothing and how much of the bill was a massive expansion of welfare.


In the end, the House rejected the original version of the Farm Bill; disappointingly, Representatives later approved a “farm-only Farm Bill” that excluded food stamps.  Government handouts of any kind are an inappropriate use of taxpayer dollars, and contrary to the principles of economic freedom.


Midwest Tax Fight Victories!

Indiana’s legislature passed historic tax cuts, eliminating the inheritance tax and a 5% income tax cut.  AFP worked diligently with the General Assembly and Governor to make a positive impact for every Hoosier taxpayer and small business. 

On its heels, Ohio cut taxes by over $2.6 billion and Missouri’s legislature passed a generous tax relief package but the Governor vetoed the legislation.  AFP will continue the fight during an August special session to over-ride that veto and allow families and businesses to keep a little more of their hard earned dollars. 

In Illinois, AFP is fighting back the left, who would like to change the flat tax to a progressive tax resulting in a massive tax hike and flawed policy.


Stopping Medicaid Expansion

Activists in more than half the states in the country have put pressure on their law makers to abstain from expanding the broken Medicaid system.  Louisiana, Maine and Pennsylvania have all fought and won incredible victories against a system that spends too much while failing to provide an acceptable level of care.


In Maine, the courageous Governor, vetoed the expansion, which is in sharp contrast to Arizona’s disappointing Governor who practically forced Arizona’s legislature into accepting the flawed policy.

In Michigan and Montana expansion was defeated for the year, but the opposition remains strong. Medicaid expansion is a key component of ObamaCare which AFP is dedicating to repealing. 


With your support, Americans for Prosperity has helped lead the effort that has seen almost two-thirds of the states stopping implementation of ObamaCare by rejecting state health care exchanges and Medicaid expansion. The bad news about ObamaCare keeps piling up leaving it highly vulnerable to repeal. Just last week, the Obama administration announced that it is delaying a major provision which will require employers to offer overpriced, government-controlled health insurance by a year until 2015.

Delays like this are proof the law is just too complex and burdensome and must be repealed outright. But, there’s still a lot of work to be done.

In Freedom,


Tim Phillips
Americans for Prosperity, President


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