May 07, 2013

Mr. Chairman, members of the Committee; my name is Tom Thomson and I serve as the Honorary Chairman of Americans for Prosperity in New Hampshire. In that capacity, I am here today representing all hard working New Hampshire citizens who will be impacted by this proposed 67% increase in gas and diesel taxes.

While the increase in the already record high price of gasoline is painful enough, few people are talking about the even higher prices for diesel fuel which will hit consumers multiple times. Stop and think about it.

Everything we consume moves by diesel; as many as three to five times before it reaches consumers.

Thus increasing the diesel tax will make the price of everything, including food, higher. So the prospect facing New Hampshire families is not only will it cost them more to fill up their tank to drive to the store, but when they get there, everything they need to purchase will be more expensive as well.

Our bordering states of Maine, Mass., and VT all have higher gas and diesel taxes than NH does which is 18 cents per gallon.

Vt. just increased their gas tax by 5.9 cents per gallon and Mass. is in hopes to follow with a 3 cent increase while Maine is already at a whopping 30 cents per gallon tax. If NH holds its gas tax rate to 18 cents per gallon our boarder states will be from 8.5 to 12.8 cents per gallon higher.

I believe our NH Advantage will act as a strong magnet that will bring our friends from our bordering states into NH to fill up their tanks while purchasing many other tax free items too numerous to list. Increased fuel sales will drive up our gas tax revenues and we will see once again that low taxes and “The NH Advantage” work well for our state, our businesses and our people.

I strongly oppose HB 617 which includes the 67% gasoline and diesel tax increase. I hope that you will consider New Hampshire families and businesses when you vote on this gas and diesel tax increase.


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