Ready to Pay More for Electricity?

May 10, 2013

Are you ready to see your electric rates go up?

If not, we need you to contact your State Senator right away and tell them to oppose HB 306!

The Senate is slated to vote on this bill next week that will increase electricity bills for all New Hampshire ratepayers and businesses as part of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)!

You may remember RGGI, the cap-and–trade program forced upon New Hampshire ratepayers and businesses that has been driving up our rates. AFP has been saying for years that this unnecessary program was a failure and calling for New Hampshire to remove itself from the program. Turns out, we were right. The RGGI program has been such a failure that its allowances are selling at the lowest possible price and the majority of them often remain unsold.

Unfortunately for our ratepayers, rather than admit defeat and finally remove our state from this failed cap-and-trade scheme, the legislature is trying to find ways to increase the number of allowances sold, in the hopes of driving up the price and with it your rates!

HB 306 will increase the RGGI tax by 30%.

Click here to find your Senator and their contact information and tell them you oppose this tax increase!

The House has already approved this 30% RGGI tax increase. The Senate is now our last hope.

Think about how many times you turn on a light each day or how often you turn on your computer to check emails like this one. Can you imagine paying higher rates each month just so a failed program can continue?!

If not, contact your Senator today and ask them to oppose HB 306!

Thank you for joining our fight to remove New Hampshire from RGGI.

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