Now or Never

November 21, 2013

Governor Hassan and Speaker Norelli are trying to force the failed ObamaCare law into New Hampshire through Medicaid Expansion.  Unfortunately, too many other legislators in Concord may agree with them.  The New Hampshire House and Senate have proposed measures that would bring ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion here!

Even after the pathetic enrollment numbers that were released this week, some of our elected officials want to expand Medicaid under ObamaCare.

We need to you to tell your State Senator and State Representatives that you oppose ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion today!

You can find your legislators and their phone numbers here.

Once Medicaid is expanded, it will be too late to turn back.  Many of our friends and neighbors will be dumped from high-quality private insurance into the failing and bloated Medicaid system and we will all pay for it in higher taxes and face the possibility of an income tax in our state!

Don’t wait – please contact your Senator and House members now and let them know you OPPOSE Medicaid Expansion in New Hampshire.

Tell your Senate and House members that Medicaid Expansion is wrong for New Hampshire today!


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