New Hampshire Chapter of Americans for Prosperity Congratulates Massachusetts for Passing Tax Hikes, Enhancing NH Advantage

July 25, 2013

Americans for Prosperity – New Hampshire today congratulated the Massachusetts legislature for overriding Governor Deval Patrick’s veto of the state budget.  With the bill becoming law, Massachusetts consumers will see their gas and diesel tax jump by 3 cents per gallon immediately and become indexed for inflation, see their tobacco tax jump by $1 per pack and see a new business tax by subjecting computer software services to the 6.25% sales tax.

“The citizens and businesses of New Hampshire want to thank the Massachusetts legislature for taking steps to undermine their economy and enhance the New Hampshire Advantage,” said Greg Moore, AFP-NH State Director.  “By making it more expensive to fill their tanks and to purchase tobacco products and computer services, they are creating an even greater incentive for Massachusetts residents to come over the border and buy those products here.  More importantly, once these tax refugees start coming to New Hampshire for these goods, they are more likely to buy many other products here.  In a competitive marketplace, one state’s pain is another state’s gain.”

Over the past legislative session, AFP-NH led efforts to oppose a 15 cent per gallon gas and diesel tax increase, a 30 cent per pack tobacco tax hike and to retain business tax relief that the New Hampshire Governor and the House eliminated in their budgets.  Ultimately, none of these tax increases took effect, and the state budget included no tax increases.

“Here in New Hampshire, we were able to block new taxes by practicing fiscal responsibility, as opposed to simply asking the working families of the Granite State to reach a little deeper into their wallets to pay more,” added Moore.  “That discipline is the heart of the New Hampshire Advantage and it requires a constant focus.  Clearly, the elected officials of Massachusetts lost their will to make the tough decisions in order to keep spending down, and the results will hurt their economy while helping ours.  In New Hampshire, Massachusetts is the gift that keeps giving.”

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