Join us Tomorrow AM

November 11, 2013

Tomorrow morning at 8:30AM Charlie Arlinghaus of the Josiah Barlett Center and I will be presenting the disastrous and dire consequences of ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion to the New Hampshire House Republican Alliance.  I hope you can join us at this meeting which is open to the public.

As you know, too many members of the New Hampshire House and Senate think it is a good idea to bring ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion to our state.

We need to you to tell your State Senator and State Representatives that you oppose Medicaid Expansion today!

You can find your legislators and their phone numbers here.

We cannot allow the false promise of federal dollars to trap many of our residents into the broken and bloated Medicaid system and lock New Hampshire onto a path that leads to the introduction of an income tax to pay for it!

Please plan to join me tomorrow at 8:30AM in LOB 201- 203 at the Statehouse in Concord to learn more about how Medicaid Expansion would be wrong for New Hampshire.

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