Americans for Prosperity Urges New Hampshire Delegation to Support State’s Energy Consumers By Voting in Favor of HR 1582

July 25, 2013

Americans for Prosperity – New Hampshire (AFP-NH) is calling on U.S. Representatives Carol Shea-Porter and Ann Kuster to support the Energy Consumers Relief Act, H.R. 1582.  The bill would bring much-needed transparency and accountability to the rule-making process by requiring the EPA to submit a report to Congress on the economic impact of proposed rules whose projected cost exceeds $1 billion.

“It’s time for U.S. Reps Shea-Porter and Kuster to side with New Hampshire energy consumers and not use climate change legislation as a means to raising taxes and energy rates on the people of the Granite State,” said Greg Moore, AFP-NH State Director.  “With this vote, they can either choose to raise backdoor taxes and make it more expensive for our hard-working families to turn on their lights and heat their homes or they can side with their constituents and vote to keep taxes and energy costs from going up again.  They should side with protecting the citizens of New Hampshire from an out-of-control regulatory authority in Washington.”

An amendment is expected to be offered to the bill on the social cost of carbon which AFP asserts will only lead to higher taxes, higher energy bills, higher consumer costs, and lower quality of life.

“We have seen first-hand in New Hampshire through the failed RGGI program that these kind of cap-and-trade taxes place a burden on the families and business owners of our state without producing any residual benefits except giving away more Green Pork to the politically favored,” added Moore.  “The attempt to apply a ‘social cost’ to carbon is just another way to raise taxes on the American people to further grow government.”

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