Americans for Prosperity Says that Anthem Should Allow Price Comparisons for ObamaCare Plans against Existing Premiums

September 18, 2013

Americans for Prosperity – New Hampshire (AFP-NH) noted that while Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, which has the monopoly on the federal ObamaCare exchange in New Hampshire, has released rates for policies that comply with the new health care law, it did not include the comparison prices of current policies that would allow citizens to see the impact of ObamaCare on the cost of care.

“While showing people how much policies will now cost through the exchanges is a good first step, it’s critical that the public gets a chance to see the impact of the ObamaCare mandates and regulations on the cost of health insurance,” said Greg Moore, AFP-NH State Director.  “The President and other supporters have said that this law will make care more affordable, so it’s important that we see whether or not that’s a reality or fiction.  Anthem should have provided comparable data from this year to allow everyone to see the difference.”

Today, Anthem addressed the issue of reducing its hospital network for individual plans at a meeting with the New Hampshire Senate.

“Anthem executives have admitted that without slashing their hospital network, their plans would not be affordable,” added Moore.  “They told legislators that without shrinking access, plans would have been 25% more expensive than they are now.  However, even with these cuts, no one is suggesting that rates are going down.  That’s why we need more data to determine how much ObamaCare has increased costs while still reducing opportunities to get care.”

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