Americans for Prosperity Says Even With ObamaCare Hospital Rationing, Insurance Rates Spiking; Calls on Anthem to Offer more Cost Information

September 06, 2013

Americans for Prosperity – New Hampshire (AFP-NH) today expressed concern with the dramatic increases in health care premiums for plans available through the ObamaCare exchanges that will open on October 1, even with the reduction of the hospital network by the only insurer in the exchange.  According to the Nashua Telegraph, “individual insurance policies will increase on average by 30 to 40 percent” as a result of ObamaCare without the hospital cuts.  The reductions in network were expected to cut rates by up to 25 percent.

“Even with a slashing of the hospital network that will mean that thousands of New Hampshire citizens won’t be able to keep their doctor or their hospital, health insurance premiums through the exchange and individual market could still go up by 15 percent or more, thanks to ObamaCare,” said Greg Moore, AFP-NH State Director.  “Instead of making policies more affordable, this will make even more people wonder if health insurance is worth the cost and pay the $95 tax instead.  Everything the opponents of ObamaCare said would happen – higher costs, rationed care, broken doctor-patient relationships – is coming true before our eyes.  It’s time for President Obama to admit defeat, delay this misguided law, and start from scratch on a bipartisan approach that uses the free market, and not big government, to fix our health care system.  The President has given exemptions to all of his friends, and now it’s time to offer relief to the working families of New Hampshire.”

AFP-NH also called on Anthem to move quickly to get pricing information to the public.

“Anthem has been dealt a tough hand, with all the regulations and mandates under ObamaCare, but it’s time for them to get more information to the public on how hard this law is going to hit New Hampshire residents in the wallet,” added Moore.  “Even while they are awaiting the blessings from the health care commissars in Washington on their plans, if they had true competition in the exchange, they would be rushing out to share cost and network data to the public to try to build market share.  This shows why giving any business a government-approved monopoly is a terrible idea, and one more shining example of the failure of ObamaCare.”

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