Americans for Prosperity Responds to Media Reports That UNH Spent over $2,200 on Conference That Brought Prostitutes to Campus

May 02, 2013

MANCHESTER – Americans for Prosperity – New Hampshire (AFP-NH) today responded to media reports that the University of New Hampshire (UNH) announced that it spent $2,246.40 on a conference that brought prostitutes to the campus for a conference about sex workers titled, “No bad women, just bad laws.”  Last night, WMUR reported that UNH stated the funding for the event came from the endowment and student organization budgets.

“If the University System wants an additional $12 million in money from the hard-working taxpayers of New Hampshire, they need to demonstrate that these funds will be used wisely,” said Greg Moore, AFP-NH State Director.  “After AFP has shown that USNH has spent over $65 million paying professors not to teach, and now that UNH is spending thousands to bring prostitutes in from across the country, one has to question the efficiency of the system and just what their commitment is to keeping tuition costs down for the families across the state.  What’s next – a university sponsored keg party?”

Moore stated that an even greater concern was the hostility of UNH in fulfilling the state’s Right to Know law.  In a public statement from the university, a spokesman complained that staff was “diverted” to respond to the document request made by AFP-NH.

“It is both outrageous and tragic that UNH believes that complying with state law that ensures transparency and accountability in government agencies is somehow a burden,” added Moore.  “As House Chief of Staff, I worked closely with UNH Journalism professors and students to fulfill their Right to Know requests that they sent to the legislature because open government should be the hallmark of New Hampshire.  We certainly wonder if USNH Chancellor Todd Leach and the USNH Board of Trustees also share UNH’s hostility toward transparent and accountable governance, or if they feel this is a rogue school that has lost its way.  If the system is resistant to complying with this critical state law, perhaps the legislature should consider whether they should continue to receive any taxpayer subsidies in the future.”

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