Americans for Prosperity Responds to Governor’s Rhetoric on Tax Increases in Proposed Budget

March 12, 2013

MANCHESTER – Americans for Prosperity – New Hampshire today responded to Governor Hassan’s statement on the tax increase in her proposed budget.  In today’s Union Leader, the Governor’s spokesman suggested the hikes were included in the budget because they weren’t “paid for,” a suggestion that Governor Hassan also made in her state budget address.

“Unlike in Washington, in New Hampshire we budget in two year cycles,” said Americans for Prosperity – New Hampshire State Director Greg Moore.  “Each budget is separate, and the way that relief from some of the highest business taxes in the nation is ‘paid for’ is by not spending those savings on more state government.  By making this statement, the Governor is either intentionally trying to mislead the public in order to grow spending or she is trying to bring Washington style accounting gimmicks to New Hampshire.”

Yesterday, AFP-NH released a list of 10 tax and fee increases included in the state budget.  This list included a number of business tax reductions passed by the last legislature, some of which were already in place, and each of which was blocked by language included in the Governor’s budget.

“Right now, the 43,000 unemployed New Hampshire residents need jobs, not empty rhetoric,” added Moore.  “That means giving our job creators the opportunities that the last legislature put in place to lift the heavy tax burden on their backs.  Governor Hassan should have ‘paid for’ this pro-jobs relief by not proposing a budget that increases state spending by 10% at a time when the working families of our state are still tightening their belts.  We need jobs, not excuses to make government bigger.”

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