Americans for Prosperity Notes 3rd Anniversary of ObamaCare Means Higher Taxes, Higher Health Care Premiums, $6.2 T in New Debt

March 22, 2013

MANCHESTER – Americans for Prosperity – New Hampshire (AFP-NH) is noting that tomorrow is the 3rd anniversary of President Obama signing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, known as “ObamaCare,” into law.

“After 3 years, it’s become clear that ObamaCare is an unaffordable drag on our economy, at a time when we need economic growth to recover and add good, new jobs,” said Greg Moore, AFP-NH State Director.  “The many job-killing taxes contained within the law, including the tax on not having insurance and the medical device tax, will put our economy in reverse to pay for an ever-expanding federal government.  At the same time, health insurance will become much harder to buy, with skyrocketing premiums crippling income growth and forcing many employers to drop coverage.  Finally, by adding over $6 trillion in additional debt, this law passes an even greater burden onto our future generations.”

The Government Accountability Office has indicated that the law will add in $6.2 trillion in new deficit spending; the Congressional Budget Office showed the ObamaCare has added 18 new or increased taxes; and the House Energy and Commerce Committee has found that the new mandates and other component of the law will increase health insurance premiums by as much as 200%.

Moore noted that in New Hampshire, Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter voted in favor of ObamaCare, while Senator Kelly Ayotte and Congresswoman Anne McLane Kuster were not in Congress at the time of the vote.

“This law is so flawed that the only way to fix it is to repeal it and start from scratch to develop a plan with sound economic principles that encourage growth, not undermining it,” Moore added.  “It’s time for Senator Shaheen and Congresswoman Shea-Porter to admit this bill was a mistake and start working on a real health care solution.  ObamaCare is a roadmap to economic and financial oblivion.  We can do better.”

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