Americans for Prosperity-NH Testifies in Opposition to HB 370: Don’t Take Hope Away from NH Families

January 31, 2013

WINDHAM – Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire State Director, Corey R. Lewandowski, will testify today in opposition to HB 370, which would repeal the education tax credit program established by the legislature last session.

“This program is about offering more than just scholarships to NH families.  It is about offering them hope,” said Corey R. Lewandowski, State Director of Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire.  “The House should consider what is in the long-term best interest of this state and NH families rather than just searching for a short-term revenue source.”

The hearing will take place before the House Ways and Means Committee at 12:30PM in Representatives Hall.

“We oppose HB 370 and strongly support the education tax credit program which would empower parents to make the best possible choice regarding their children’s education,” Lewandowski continued.


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