Americans for Prosperity-NH Opposes Proposed Gas Tax Increase

January 17, 2013

WINDHAM – Americans for Prosperity-NH is expressing their opposition to a proposal to raise the gasoline tax and car registration fee in the state.

“We adamantly oppose any increase in the gas tax or car registration fee,” said Corey R. Lewandowski, State Director of Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire.  “A gas tax increase will not only affect NH drivers every time they stop to fill up their tank but will also be absorbed into anything that needs to be transported.  Those increased prices will then be passed along to NH consumers.”

The proposal was made by Representative David Campbell (D-Nashua).

“Representative Campbell’s bill will increase the state gas tax by 67% over the next three years,” Lewandowski continued.  “The wages of NH residents will not increase that much over the same period of time.  This is simply an unfair burden to place upon them.”

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