Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire Disappointed in House Vote on Super Majority Legislation

February 06, 2013

WINDHAM – Americans for Prosperity (AFP) New Hampshire is expressing their disappointment in today’s House vote on CACR 1, a proposed Constitutional Amendment that would require a 3/5 majority vote of the legislature for any tax or fee increase.

“We are disappointed in today’s vote.  CACR 1, the so-called Super Majority legislation, would have made it more difficult to raise taxes or fees on the hard-working individuals in New Hampshire,” said Corey R. Lewandowski, State Director of Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire.  “Additionally, this bill would have provided an important check on state spending by making it more difficult for the legislature to raise taxes to pay for unnecessary spending.”

The legislation sponsored by Representative Jordan Ulery (Hillsborough 37) needed to receive approval of 3/5 of each body of the NH legislature.  The House voted today 206 to 149 against CACR 1.

Representative Ulery introduced the same legislation last year, known as CACR 6, which failed to get the 3/5 vote in the House required to move forward.

“The difficulty experienced in passing this bill demonstrates the need for Super Majority legislation,” Lewandowski added. “Far too often elected officials are unwilling to relinquish power back to the hands of the people who elected them.  We will continue to support CACR 1 and other similar pieces of legislation that return control back to NH taxpayers where it belongs.”

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