Americans for Prosperity Comments on ObamaCare’s “Failure to Launch”

October 01, 2013

MANCHESTER – Americans for Prosperity – New Hampshire (AFP-NH) today offered the following comments on the opening of the New Hampshire federal ObamaCare exchanges and its inability to enroll the public, as directed by the Affordable Care Act.  This morning, despite repeated attempts, the federal ObamaCare website ( has not allowed individuals to access information regarding health insurance plans or subsidies.

“ObamaCare’s failure to launch was as predictable as it was thorough,” said Greg Moore, AFP-NH State Director.  “This hurried, incompetent job of trying to implement a badly flawed law clearly demonstrates why the federal government should not be in charge of our health care decisions.  The American people were promised new access to care at a lower price, and instead they’re getting a poorly conceived, more expensive national program that’s full of bugs and glitches.  This is one more reason why we should delay ObamaCare and fix our nation’s health care system the right way.”

AFP-NH spent the morning attempting to access the new government website with no luck.  Attached (below) is a screen shot that appears when attempting to access the portal.

“Americans want a government that works, not one that can’t deliver on its promises,” added Moore.  “This, sadly, falls as just one more failure in a long list from a law that never should have passed.  If the federal government can’t set up a website to take information and give reliable answers, how can citizens have the confidence to trust them with their health care?”

ObamaCare Marketplace screenshot

ObamaCare Marketplace screenshot

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