Americans for Prosperity Cites Study Showing Drop in New Hampshire Ranking for Economic Freedom, Calls for Rebuilding NH Advantage

March 28, 2013

MANCHESTER Americans for Prosperity – New Hampshire (AFP-NH) today cited a study released today by the Mercatus Center called “Freedom in the 50 States,” which showed that the Granite State dropped from 2nd to 7th in economic freedom since 2001 and from 1st to 6th in fiscal freedom, as a reason to rebuild the New Hampshire Advantage.  The New Hampshire ranking was built from data through 2010, and the authors suggest, “While New Hampshire still scores sixth in the United States on fiscal policy, the famed “New Hampshire advantage” has dissipated. It is too early to tell whether the 2011-12 legislature, which enacted swinging spending cuts, has undone the damage.”

“This study shows that the New Hampshire Advantage is not set in granite, and needs to be renewed constantly.  Our elected leaders must stay ever vigilant to ensure that we are not falling behind,” said Greg Moore, AFP-NH State Director.  “While the authors make clear that the 2011-12 legislature took positive steps to make us freer, there needs to be a constant effort to ensure that we move back to being the freest state in the nation.  That means keeping taxes low and government small while lifting the burden of regulation off the backs of our citizens and employers.”

The Americans for Prosperity Foundation reviewed the Mercatus study, and had the following comments about New Hampshire’s ranking:

“New Hampshire, while still a leader in economic freedom, declined a bit overall. Some of the freest states have caught up to New Hampshire in recent years. However, the 2011–12 legislature has cut spending significantly in the time since the data cutoff for this edition of the freedom index. This move, along with other freedom-enhancing legislation, is likely to help New Hampshire in its effort to get back to top of the list.”

“It’s not enough to simply have a state motto of ‘Live Free or Die,’ we have to make sure that our policies on economic freedom consistently match that ideal,” added Moore.  “Furthermore, our leaders need to remember that we are in constant competition with the other 49 states, since the most economically free states are also among the fastest growing and most attractive to businesses to create good, new jobs.  It’s certainly disappointing that we have fallen in the rankings, but we can take the steps necessary to get back on top.  Americans for Prosperity will continue to lead efforts to expand New Hampshire economic freedom and move us back up these rankings in the years to come.”

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