Americans for Prosperity Cites New National Poll Showing Broad Opposition to Internet Sales Tax as US House Plans to Begin Discussion on Bill

September 16, 2013

MANCHESTER – Americans for Prosperity – New Hampshire (AFP-NH) today cited a national survey, released Friday afternoon, showing that the public strongly opposes a national Internet Sales Tax, including disapproval from individuals from all political parties.  The poll showed that 57% of Americans do not support the tax, mirroring results from a survey by Gallup a month earlier.  When given the arguments on both sides of the issue, the public’s opposition to the sales tax jumped to 70%.

“Here in New Hampshire, we know that an Internet Sales Tax would turn our small businesses into the tax collectors for 45 states, and thousands of towns and counties, that have a sales tax,” said Greg Moore, AFP-NH State Director.  “Many of our local retail companies do business here precisely because we don’t have a sales tax.  That is the New Hampshire Advantage.  Despite the sales job by these state and local governments who want to dig even deeper into their residents’ wallets, and the special interest groups of major retailers that want to raise the cost of doing business in places like the Granite State, the American people want nothing to do with their Internet Sales Tax, because they know it’s just one more tax on the working families across the nation.”

Despite this opposition to the Internet Sales Tax, the U.S. Senate passed a bill on a 69-27 vote in May.  The Hill newspaper is reporting today that the U.S. House Judiciary Chairman is planning to release in the next two weeks his proposal for the tax.

“While the politically connected supporters of the Internet Sales Tax have consistently tried to sell this as not a new tax, the public isn’t buying it,” added Moore.  “We know that it is a tax that will cost us jobs in New Hampshire and will add a huge burden to our businesses here.  While we expect that both of our Representatives will oppose this bill, we certainly hope they will go a step further and become vocal advocates, both on the House floor as well as within their caucus, for our right to keep our sales tax free status here in New Hampshire.”

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