Americans for Prosperity Calls for Property Tax Overpayments to LGC to be Returned to Taxpayers, Not Used to Grow Government

June 27, 2013

MANCHESTER – Americans for Prosperity – New Hampshire (AFP-NH) today called for communities who receive rebates from overpayments to the Local Government Center (LGC) to return these funds to local property taxpayers who were overcharged $53.3 million for health insurance and workers’ compensation services.  The New Hampshire Union Leader reported today that the LGC will send out the first installment of the rebates, $33.2 million for overpayments to the health insurance program through 2010, on August 27.

“Property taxpayers in communities and school districts that utilize the LGC services have every right to be paid back for the money they were overcharged, and not see those funds used to grow local government,” said Greg Moore, State Director for AFP-NH.  “However, the temptation will be great for the big spenders in many communities to try to use this ‘found money’ to expand spending at the town or school district level.  That’s where the taxpayers need to hold these officials accountable to get their money back.”

Moore said that AFP-NH will work with its 30,000 members across the state to update them on the impact of these rebates and encourage them to contact their local officials to demand that the property tax overpayments be used for taxpayer rebates or reduced tax charges for next year.

“There is no doubt that without a bright light shining on this process and heightened transparency, many of these local governments and school districts would look to spend this windfall on an ever expanding bureaucracy,” added Moore.  “Our members will be vocal advocates to help them remember that this was taxpayer money that was taken from the wallets of our hard-working families, and that’s exactly where these funds should return.  That’s the type of accountability every community deserves and it is the relief that our taxpayers need.”


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