Americans for Prosperity Calls for Investigation into Potential Voter Fraud Allegations Raised by WMUR

July 24, 2013

Americans for Prosperity – New Hampshire (AFP-NH) today called for an investigation into Senator, and former Obama for President Campaign Co-Chair, Martha Fuller Clark for having 8 individuals voting from her single-family home in Portsmouth, as reported by WMUR last night.  State law requires that voters live, called “domiciled,” in a residence in order to vote from that location.

“Senator Fuller Clark suggested that she had eight people living in her house, but she had no idea what their intent was or where they might go,” said Greg Moore, AFP-NH State Director.  “The notion that you’d let eight random people move into your house without knowing anything about their lives and what they might be doing is beyond bizarre and strains credulity.  It seems far more likely that this is either an effort to commit voter fraud in violation of New Hampshire law or that she was running an illegal boarding house.  As a State Senator and Obama Campaign Co-Chair, the public certainly deserves a better answer from someone who represents the people and the law of the land.”

AFP-NH also called on the Department of Justice to look into the matter as an important issue of government integrity.

“Sadly, the history of lax enforcement of reported election law violations has created a permissive environment in which voter fraud can run rampant,” added Moore.  “With a new Attorney General, it provides the opportunity to demonstrate that New Hampshire will not tolerate those who would cheapen the vote for New Hampshire residents by allowing voter fraud to take place here.  That must begin with a complete and thorough investigation of this case to determine how out-of-state individuals can simply appear out of thin air, vote here and then, just as quickly, disappear, not to be seen again.  Considering the high profile nature of this case, it will send a clear message that New Hampshire is committed to enforcing the laws on the books vigorously and that we won’t tolerate those who try to abuse our system.”

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