Americans for Prosperity Blasts Governor Hassan’s 11th Hour Union Deal as Political Payback at Taxpayer Expense

June 19, 2013

CONCORD – Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire (AFP-NH) is reacting today to Governor Hassan’s announcement during budget negotiations that she has reached a deal with the state’s four unions regarding a pay increase for their workers.  The four unions were ardent financial supporters of the Governor’s campaign for election.

“It is inappropriate for Governor Hassan to come in at the 11th hour of budget negotiations and ask New Hampshire taxpayers to pick up the tab for the payback to her political allies,” said Greg Moore, State Director of Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire.  “This deal and the tactic of inserting it into the budget at the last minute could remove any negotiating leverage the state hoped to maintain.  We would expect the Governor to follow appropriate channels for such demands for taxpayer dollars.”

In totality, Governor Hassan’s deal will cost $38.4 million in taxpayer monies.

“I know of no other scenario in which an employee goes to their employer positing the amount of money they wish to spend that year and expecting the employer to compensate them accordingly,” added Moore.  “It is fiscally irresponsible for the Governor to use taxpayer money to payback her political allies not to mention disruptive and antithetical to the budget process.”

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