AFP-NH Disappointed in House Vote to Increase Gasoline Tax

March 06, 2013

WINDHAM – Americans for Prosperity (AFP) New Hampshire is expressing disappointment in today’s House vote to increase the state gasoline tax 83%.

“Unfortunately today the New Hampshire House continued its on-going War on Energy Consumers,” said Greg Moore, State Director of Americans for Prosperity-NH.  “After recently passing a 25% increase on heating oil, the House voted to increase the gas tax by 83%, meaning that New Hampshire taxpayers will now have to pay an additional $3 when they fill their tanks.  This is an irresponsible and unnecessary burden upon NH taxpayers.”

HB 617 introduced by Rep. David Campbell (D-Nashua) will increase the tax on gasoline 83%. The House voted today 207-163 to approve HB 617.  Prior to the vote, the House rejected an amendment offered Rep. Bill O’Brien (R-Mont Vernon) which would have prevented the increase in the gas and diesel tax by ensuring that funds raised by the current gas tax are used by the Department of Transportation on roads.

“In this economy, people are being forced to make tough choices.  This vote makes those choices even more difficult,” continued Moore.  “For many working families struggling, this increased tax could be the difference between buying a gallon of milk or a pound of hamburger to feed their families or filling up their tanks.  With the news that unemployment has just increased here in the state, the last thing we need right now is a massive new tax increase on the backs of the people paying the bills.”

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