Legislative Alerts

2015 Nebraska Legislature Scorecard

June 30, 2015J

The 2015 legislative session is in the books. We’ve assembled our annual scorecard to give Nebraskans a sense of how their and other senators did this session. How did your senator do? Is a Champion of Freedom representing you or does your senator need to improve for next year? Check out the 2015 Nebraska Legislature Scorecard.

The Un-Affordable Care Act Hits Nebraskans Again

Here we go again. The Affordable Care Act constantly proves to be a misnomer; the cost of health insurance is sky rocketing and Nebraskans are feeling the brunt of it again. Today the Lincoln Journal Star highlighted the rate increases in the individual market: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska – “proposing to raise rates for ACA-compliant individual plans […]

Unicameral Goes the Extra Mile to Raise Taxes

Yesterday, May 14th, the Nebraska Legislature went the extra mile to raise our taxes and voted to override Governor Ricketts’ veto of LB 610, the gas tax hike. Here’s how the senators voted: Voting in the affirmative, 30: Baker Gloor Hughes Lindstrom Scheer Campbell Haar Johnson Mello Schumacher Coash Hadley Kowolski McCollister Seiler Crawford Hansen […]

How Senators Voted in 2nd Round of Gas Tax Hike Debate

April 14, 2015J,

Yesterday, April 13th, the Nebraska Legislature voted on LB 610, the gas tax hike, during the second round of debate. Here’s how the senators voted: Voting in the affirmative, 27: Baker Gloor Johnson Morfeld Stinner Campbell Haar, K. Kolowski Pansing Brooks Williams Coash Hadley Kolterman Scheer Crawford Harr, B. Kuehn Schumacher Ebke Howard Lindstrom Seiler […]