Legislative Alerts

2015 Legislataive Bills to Watch

January 29, 2015J

    Below is the list of bills we are supporting, opposing, and monitoring. A couple of things to note: 1) based on amendments or other developments our position may change or a bill may be added or removed and 2) the status column does not list pending amendments; please visit the Nebraska Legislature website […]

Bill Drop Concludes

January 22, 2015J

January 21st was the tenth and final day of bill introduction for the 2015 legislative session. Here are bills of interest from the last day: Higher Taxes Sen. Jim Smith is a proven leader in the Legislature for free markets and free people.  Yet, while we understand the Senator’s goals of sustaining infrastructure investment proposed by […]

NE Leg.; Day 9

January 20, 2015J

Here is a summary of bills from day nine of the 2015 legislative session: Repetitive Education Bills Sens. Cook and Morfeld each introduced education-related legislation, LBs 435 and 438, respectively.  LB 435 would require a study of academic achievement primarily focusing on class size.  While AFP-Nebraska promotes thoughtful policy analysis, Sen. Cook would have the […]

NE Leg.; Day 8

January 20, 2015J

Day eight of the 2015 legislative session AFP-Nebraska took note of the following bills More Property Tax Relief Legislation Sens. Watermeier and Schnoor both introduced legislation to reduce the property tax burden; LB’s 364 and 387, respectively, would provide an additional $60 million to the Property Tax Cash Relief Fund.  This fund provides direct credits […]

NE Leg.; Bill Drop Day 7

January 15, 2015J

Day seven of the 2015 legislative session has concluded and here are the bills we think you should be aware of: Paycheck Protection Freshman Sen. Ebke introduced LB 288, legislation that would prohibit unions and other associations from automatic withdrawals from public sector workers.  This legislation would go a long way in ensuring employees in […]