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Turnaround, I do not Think it Means…

July 01, 2014 J

Turnaround, we do not think that word means what the Obama Administration thinks it means. A new HHS Inspector General report that found the administration is still failing to fix millions of data problems that are jeopardizing coverage for Americans. This is not a turnaround, as President Obama said was happening with ObamaCare. See what AFP […]

Defending the American Dream Summit; Nebraska Bus Package

June 30, 2014

The Americans for Prosperity Defending the American Dream Summit is coming up quickly and we want you to be there! The Summit is August 29th & 30th at the Omni Hotel in Dallas, TX. Our Events team has put two great bus packages for Nebraska members: Option 1 – $183 Conference pass; bus transportation with pick-up and drop-off in Omaha and Lincoln*; lunch […]

Ways the EPA Rules Will Hurt Nebraskans: Number 5

June 30, 2014 J

Number 5: By the EPA’s own accounting, the rules will have little impact on global temperature What if we told you that the government is going to get rid of your job, increase the cost of your electric bill, make our country less competitive as a whole, and ignore the fact that in your daily […]

Ways the EPA Rules Will Hurt Nebraskans: Number 4

June 29, 2014 J

Number 4: market forces are already resulting in greater energy efficiency Did you know carbon dioxide emissions have dropped by more than 12% since 2007 – declining to their lowest levels in twenty years, with carbon intensity reaching its lowest levels ever in 2012? It’s true. How has this happened? This is thanks in large […]

Ways the EPA Rules Will Hurt Nebraskans: Number 3

June 28, 2014 J

Number 3: rules will make America less competitive in the global marketplace Let’s take a step back from our focus on Nebraska; we need to look at the global picture. Of the more than 30 billion metric tons of global CO2 emissions in 2011, the U.S. share was just over 5 billion – little more […]