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Event: Lincoln, “When Govt. Stacks the Deck”

June 11, 2013

As we move into the thick of summer we are going around the state for our “When Government Stacks the Deck” series.  This is an educational series on cronyism. Basically, cronyism is a practice of government picking winners and losers (either purposefully or inadvertently) through special relationships between business and government, special tax breaks targeted [...]

Washington Doesn’t Take the Debt Limit Seriously

June 06, 2013

The issue of raising the federal debt limit (aka shooting ourselves in the economic foot) has become a perennial topic in national politics.  Yet, neither political party has shown that it is taking the issue of America’s federal debt all too seriously. The debt limit has become a contentious debate where both sides exploit the [...]

Legislative Tax Study Commission Brief

June 04, 2013

As the 103 Session of the Nebraska Legislature winds down this week, some senators are gearing up for more.  The Tax Modernization Committee (TMC) met yesterday to begin its work of studying the current Nebraska tax code and proposing changes.   The TMC is made up of Revenue Committee members, five committee leaders and two at-large [...]

Foley Finds Millions in Suspect Medicaid Payments

May 30, 2013

If the idea of Medicaid expansion under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, wasn’t upsetting to you then the poor management of the current program should. State Auditor Mike Foley and his team performed the routine audit, which covered a two and a half year span “during which time $6.5 million was [...]

AFP Applauds House Passage of Rep. Terry’s Keystone XL Bill

May 23, 2013

. AFP Applauds House Passage of Rep. Lee Terry’s Northern Keystone Pipeline Bill . Lincoln, NE – Today, Americans for Prosperity-Nebraska, a statewide free-market grassroots organization released, the following statement regarding the passage of the northern segment of the XL Keystone Pipeline bill. . “Bi-partisan passage of this important, job creating bill is a step [...]

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