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Lincoln: Mandatory Recycling Coming to your Home?

November 06, 2013

According to the Lincoln Solid Waste Advisory Committee, the city of Lincoln “should ensure curbside recycling is provided to every home, apartment and business in Lincoln” (LJS, 11/6).  But citizens “will not be required to sort, separate and recycle” according to the committee and the mayor’s office.  It sounds like each household would have a [...]

Opinion: We can agree on need for pension reform

November 06, 2013

AFP-NE was in the Omaha World Herald Public Pulse this weekend, speaking on public sector civilian union pension reform in Omaha.  Here’s what was printed: “As you can imagine, Americans for Prosperity-Nebraska (AFP), Omaha’s city government and the public-sector unions don’t always see eye to eye. Yet one issue we can all agree on is that the [...]

AFP Launches Ads Urging NE Lawmaker to Let Wind PTC Expire

November 06, 2013

AFP activists also signing petitions asking Rep. Jeff Fortenberry not to support any extension of the tax credit. LINCOLN – Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s largest free-market, grassroots organization, is urging Nebraska Congressman Jeff Fortenberry to join a group of lawmakers committed to allowing the wind production tax credit (PTC) to expire at the end [...]

Doesn’t Look Good for NE in the Individual Market

November 05, 2013

Nebraska Watchdog wrote an article about the updated Manhattan Institute analysis on individual market health insurance across the country.  Things don’t look good for Nebraska. “Nebraskans will see the eighth biggest premium rate hikes in the nation under Obamacare, with premiums increasing an average of 74 percent for Nebraskans who buy their own insurance” reported Deena [...]

Testify in Omaha & Lincoln for Lower Taxes

October 10, 2013

We’re sure you’ve heard the following statement before, “do yourself a favor.”  Well, do it; put more money in your pocket.  Sounds too good to be true, huh?  Here’s the thing… it’s not! The Nebraska Legislature’s Tax Modernization Committee is going to be in Omaha and Lincoln on October 17 and 18, respectively.  You need [...]