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Unicameral Bill Tracking: Legislation AFP-Nebraska Supports, Opposes and Monitors

January 28, 2014

torch.horizontal1 300x122 Unicameral Bill Tracking: Legislation AFP Nebraska Supports, Opposes and Monitors

Below are introduced bills through the final day of bill drop of the 103rd Legislature which AFP-Nebraska has chosen to either SUPPORT, OPPOSE or MONITOR.  We will be updating this list daily.

1st Session, 2013
BillSenatorMemoCommitteeHearing DateStatus
LB 5KristExempt SS and military Retirement BenefitsRevenueJan. 31st Indefinitely Postponed (IP)
LB 14KristIncome Tax Credits for Education OpportunityRevenueMarch 5thIP
LB 17NordquistExempt SS benefits from state income taxRevenueJan. 30thIP
LB 65SchilzCounties set sheriff’s fees and commissionsGovernmentJan. 30thIP
LB 74JanssenExempt SS benefits from state income taxRevenueJan. 30th IP
LB 75JanssenExempt military benefits from state income taxRevenueJan. 31st IP
LB 79AveryChange political accountability and disclosureGovernmentJan. 25thSigned by Gov.
LB 125LautenbaughReform the OPS School BoardGovernmentJan. 24thSigned by Gov.
LB 149PirschReviews of state agencies and programExecutiveJan. 28thIP
LB 176SmithExempt military benefits from state income taxRevenueJan. 31stIP
LB 179KintnerEliminate the Learning CommunityEducationFeb. 26thIP
LB 227KintnerExempt retirement benefits from state income taxRevenueJan. 31stIP
LB 238CrawfordExempt retirement benefits from state income taxRevenueJan. 30thIP
LB 266ChambersEliminate local option sales tax rate increaseRevenueFeb. 27thIP
LB 274NordquistEducation Compensation Transparency ActEducationFeb. 5thIncoprorated in Comm. Amendment
LR 2CAPirschIncrease standard for tax increasesRevenueMarch 21stIP
LB 405McCoyEliminate the Income Tax and Certain Sales ExemptionsRevenueFeb. 6thIP
LB 412SchumacherFreedom from Unwanted Surveillance ActJudiciaryFeb. 14IP
LB 448AveryProhibit lobbyists from making contributions during sessionGovernmentFeb. 22ndIP
LB 470ScheerAdopt the Superintendent Pay Transparency ActEducationFeb. 5thSigned by Gov
LB 474KristReform the Occupation TaxRevenueMarch 13thSigned by Gov
LB 482KintnerProhibit incorporating Agenda 21 in NebraskaJudiciaryFeb. 13thIP
LB 564NelsonAdopt the Health Care Freedom of Conscience ActJudiciaryMarch 1stIP
LB 593LautenbaughAdopt the Charter Schools ActEducationFeb. 25thIP
LB 600WightmanLower Inheritance Tax RatesRevenueFeb. 27thIP
LB 613SchumacherTax Modernization Committee (McCoy Priority Bill)RevenueFeb. 19thSigned by Gov.
LB 629ConradAdopt the Tax Expenditure Reporting ActAppropriationsFeb. 25thSigned by Gov.
2nd Session, 2014
BillSenatorMemoCommitteeHearing DateStatus
LB 669McCoyIncrease funding of property tax creditAppropriations Feb. 18thIP
LB 670McCoyReduce ag land value for property tax purposesRevenue Feb. 7thIP
LB 708KintnerExempt Social Security benefits from state income taxRevenue Feb. 27thIP
LB 709KintnerExempt military benefits from state income taxRevenue Feb. 27thIP
LB 721JanssenProperty and income tax reliefRevenue Feb. 13thIP
LB 778ChambersRequire great transparency by political subdivisionsGovernmentJan. 30thIP
LB 812HansenEliminate the inheritance taxRevenue Feb. 20thIP
LB 825LautenbaughExpand open meeting requirments for governmental subdivisionsGovernment Feb. 6thIP
LB 836Leg. Perf.
Audit Comm.
Evaluate tax system to enhance economic development in rural NebraskaRevenue Feb. 27thSigned by Gov
LB 865SmithEliminate certain taxing authority by the Learning CommunityEducation Feb. 11thIP
LB 898Leg. Perf.
Audit Comm.
Review of public benefit programs’ delivery systemsHHS Feb. 6thIP
LB 902CrawfordExempt military benefits from state income taxRevenue Feb. 13thIP
LB 909KintnerRequire listing of rules and regs and their originating legislationExecutiveFeb. 6thIP
LB 912 KolowskiProperty Tax Relief ActRevenue Feb. 6thIP
LB 913KolowskiIncome tax credit for Property Taxes paidRevenue Feb. 7thIP
LB 960CarlsonReduce inheritence tax ratesRevenue Feb. 25thIP
LB 970LautenbaughRequire all votes by public officials to be public recordExecutiveFeb. 7thIP
LB 972LautenbaughAuthorize the Independent Public School ActEducation Feb. 25thIP
LB 986Revenue CommHomestead exemption income limitationRevenue Feb. 5thSigned by Gov.
LB 987Revenue CommAdjust ind. income tax brackets & exempt SS benefits from income taxationRevenue Feb. 5thSigned by Gov.
LB 995HadleyProvide income tax credit for state and local taxes paidRevenue Feb. 5thIP
LB 1031KintnerDecrease state tax rates should Feds adopt an internet taxRevenue Feb. 28thIP
1st Session, 2013
BillSenatorMemoCommitteeHearing DateStatus
LB 104LathropTax Incentives for RenewablesRevenueFeb. 14thSigned by Gov.
LB 184HaarFunding for Wind Application CenterAppropriationsMarch 19thIP
LB 217AveryIncrease Constitutional Officers’ SalariesGovernmentFeb. 13thIP
LB 346KolowskiIncrease Property Tax Levy for SchoolsReveneuMarch 7thIP
LB 439GloorIncrease tax rate on tobacco productsRevenueMarch 13thIP
LB 447AveryRemove exemption on pop to create new spending programRevenueMarch 15thIP
LB 512ScheerAdopt Common Core national curriculum standardsEducationFeb. 25thIP
LB 531ConradRepeal the Build Nebraska Act (Roads Funding via Sales Tax)RevenueFeb. 27thIP
LB 532ConradIncrease Income Tax RatesRevenueFeb. 8thIP
LB 540ChambersProhibit requirment that teachers lead the Pledge of AllegianceEducationMarch 18thIP
LB 577CampbellExpand Medicaid under the President’s Health Care LawHHSFeb. 28thIP
LB 583HaarInclude Climate Change in Climate Assessment Response CommitteeAgricultureFeb. 26thSigned by Gov.
2nd Session, 2014
BillSenatorMemoCommitteeHearing DateStatus
LB 675ChambersEliminate tax exemption for religious organizationsRevenueJan. 24th IP
LB 690BolzParticipate in ACA with duplicative task force for seniorsHHSJan. 23rdCertificate, 4/10/2014
LB 704Avery$2 million in general fund spending for the state’s sesquicentennialAppropriationsFeb. 3rdIP
LB 747AveryRestriction of first-amendment right to activate citizens on public policyGovernmentJan. 30thIP
LB 794HarrNew restrictions for business to comply with sales & use tax collectionRevenueJan. 30thIP
LB 797NelsonAppropriate $1.25 million for fountains at the state capitolAppropriations Feb. 4thIP
LB 860NordquistExpand health insurance requirementsBankingFeb. 11thIP
LB 882HaarAmend duties of the Climate Assessment Response CommitteeAgricultureFeb. 4thIP
LB 887CampbellAdopt Medicaid Expansion through the WIN ActHHSJan. 29thIP
LB 932AveryRestrict public employers from requesting criminal histories from job applicantsBusinessJan. 27thIP
LB 943 NordquistRaise the minimum wage to $9 an hourBusinessFeb. 3rdIP
LB 953HowardProvide funding to establish the Health Information InitiativeBankingFeb.18thIP
LB 992HowardCreate the Early Childhood Data Governing BodyEducationFeb. 4thIP
LB 1008HarrChange duties of the Climate Assessment Response CommitteeNatural Res. Feb. 4thSigned by Gov
LB 1010JanssenAdopt the Nebraska Enterprise Act and authorize grantsBankingFeb. 3rdIP
LB 1047CarlsonNew spending for a program with in the Department of Natural ResourcesAppropriations Feb. 19thIP
LB 1051HowardFund a new NU program in Public Health LeadershipAppropriationsFeb. 6thIP
LB 1053KarpisekProvide state aid to municipalities, counties and NRD’sRevenue Feb. 20thIP
LB 1056DavisIncrease state income tax by adding a new top tax bracket of 7.84%Revenue Feb. 13thIP
1st Session, 2013
BillSenatorMemoCommitteeHearing DateStatus
LB 81SchumacherIncome tax deduction for corporate dividendsRevenueFeb. 20thIP
LB 82SchumacherTaxpayer Investment ProgramRevenueMarch 5thIP
LB 308SchumacherChange income tax related to federal ATMRevenueMarch 5thSigned by Gov.
LB 312ScheerExpand designated unfair insurance trade practicesBankingFeb. 25th IP
LB 327PirschLower individual income tax ratesRevenueFeb. 8thIP
LB 328PirschLower corporate income tax ratesRevenueFeb. 20thIP
LB 333SchumacherChange sales tax collection feesRevenueMarch 20thIP
LB 384NordquistExchange Transparency ActBankingFeb. 19thSigned by Gov.
LB 438AdamsPriority Schools, Operating Councils & Community SchoolsEducationFeb. 25thSigned by Gov.
LB 488Revenue CommChange provisions to the municipal occupation taxRevenueMarch 13thIP
LB 406McCoyLimited version of Gov’s Tax Reform PlanRevenueFeb. 7thIP
LB 585SmithSignificantly reform the structure of the Learning CommunityEducationFeb. 26thSigned by Gov.
2nd Session, 2014
BillSenatorMemoCommitteeHearing DateStatus
LB 763JanssenRegular review of executive agenciesExecutiveJan. 30thIP
LB 823 LauntenbaughSell MUDUrban AffairsFeb. 11thIP
LB 873LarsonCreate the Game and Parks State Park Imprvmnt & Maintenance FundAppropriationsFeb. 4thIP
LB 978HarrExpand the Low-Income Home Energy Conservation ActRevenue Feb. 26thIP
LB 1005AveryCreate the Surface Water and Ground Water Review BoardNatural Res. Feb. 26thIP
LB 1019SchumacherThe Development and Venture Enterprise ActAppropriations Feb. 19thIP
LB 1046CarlsonCreate the Water Sustainability Fund with $50 million in new spendingAppropriations Feb. 18thCertificate


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