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Take Action to Support Keystone XL

November 27, 2012

Nebraska has established a unique process to site oil pipelines in our state that gives local control over the route and scope of the project.  This is one of the benefits of the 2011 Special Legislative Session and is a good balance of local control when dealing with a project that crosses through seven states.

Now Nebraska’s state Department of Environmental Quality has released a proposed route that avoids the sensitive Sand Hills region (as defined by the EPA), which you can view here.

NDEQ is hosting a forum on Tuesday, Dec. 4th in Albion at the Boone County Fairgrounds Event Center starting at 6:00pm to receive public feedback on the new route – as well as general comments on the project itself.

We are asking you to do two things:

1)  Attend the NDEQ forum on Dec. 4th.

2) If you cannot attend the forum in Albion, make sure to leave your comments on the proposed route at the NDEQ website by clicking here.

Nebraskans support new jobs, building Keystone XL

AFP-Nebraska supports the pipeline because it’s good for Nebraska and good for the country. According to the Platte Institute for Economic Research:
  • Keystone XL project will create 20,000 jobs – 7,500 of which will be in Nebraska
  • $585 million in new tax revenue – this means better schools and infrastructure
  • Keystone XL is safe – newer technology, concrete barriers and thicker pipe
  • There already is a TransCanada pipeline going over the Ogallala Aquifer, the Keystone Pipeline has been operational for years in Eastern Nebraska , without a spill
  • Legislation already exists to protect Nebraskans; LB 629 was signed into law last session that holds TransCanada financially responsible for any damage due to the pipeline

We are asking you to take the time and demonstrate the truth:

“Nebraska voters strongly support the Keystone XL pipeline and there’s a bipartisan consensus on the issue.”

That according to Democratic-linked firm Public Policy Polling, which after conducting a statewide poll reported that 60% of Nebraskans support the pipeline project, with only 27% opposed.

This is a project that will create jobs, reduce demand for Middle East oil, protect Nebraska’s ecologically sensitive areas and is supported by a solid majority of Cornhuskers.  Contact NDEQ today and tell them its time to build Keystone XL.

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