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Nebraskans Will Lose Their Health Insurance, Thanks to Bob Kerrey

November 05, 2012

Because of Bob Kerrey’s continued support for ObamaCare middle class Nebraskans will lose their health care coverage.

Don’t take our word for it, take Bob’s.

Kerrey told the Omaha World-Herald that because of the mandates and new taxes in Obama’s health care law that business owners like him would discontinue their employer-based health coverage and move their employees into the new federal program.

Kerrey’s own words when talking about ObamaCare’s impact on employees:  “We’ll dump ‘em off.  We won’t call it dumping, we’ll say…’Go get it from the exchange.’”

The simple truth is this; President Obama, Senator Nelson and Bob Kerrey made claims that middle class Americans ‘who have health insurance, like it, and will be able to keep it’ which turned out to be false.

Bob Kerrey said so.

Nebraskans do not want their Senator to pick and choose which parts of ObamaCare to support, the vast majority want the entire law repealed.

Bob Kerrey knows ObamaCare means hard working Nebraska families will lose their health insurance, yet he still opposes repeal.

Click here to tell Bob Kerrey you want someone who will stick up for our values, not ‘dump ‘em’ into a government-run program.

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