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Local Physicians Oppose Kerrey/Obama Health Care Law

November 05, 2012

The Grand Island Independent reported on an exchange between local physicians in the Grand Island area on the topic of Obamacare, a law supported by Bob Kerrey.  The doctors’ responses support what AFP-NE has been saying from the beginning.
Here are highlights of the complaints voiced by the physicians:
-          due to Obamacare, it is likely private practice facilities will cease to exist;
-          reimbursements, under the law, will be too low to “keep the doors open”;
-          “demanded new overhead costs for private practice” will negatively affect their existence;
-          mandated electronic records added costs and inefficiencies because different servicing software are not compatible; and
-          doctors’ offices have to hire more business staff than medical staff to keep up with added paperwork due to Obamacare.
The Norfolk Daily News also brought the discussion of health care exchanges back into focus. The choice is between a federal-run exchange and a state-run exchange.  
Here is a letter to Governor Heinemann explaining why AFP-NE opposes a state-run exchange.
We need true health care reforms, not Obamcare that worsens health care for all.  Join AFP-NE in taking action to stop the implementation of Obamacare in Nebraska!

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