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Letter to Gov. Heineman Opposing Obama State Health Exchanges

October 04, 2012

Dear Governor Heineman,

Thank you for your leadership opposing the President’s Affordable Care Act and your strong commitment to repealing the federal takeover of health care.

Nebraskans know this law represents a fundamental transformation of our health care system that will cause hard working, middle class Nebraskans to lose the health coverage they currently enjoy.

Even former Governor Bob Kerrey acknowledged this truth when he told the Omaha World-Herald the ACA’s mandates will cause him, as an employer, to discontinue coverage for employees in Nebraska.  “We’ll dump ‘em off.  We won’t call it dumping, we’ll say…’Go get it form the exchange.’” (OWH, Sept. 7, 2012)

It is this truth that Exchanges are the mechanism for implementing a federal law the majority of Nebraskans do not want, and like you would rather see repealed, that we oppose a state health insurance exchange.

Nebraska simply should not participate with our state tax dollars in implementing a law which no one knows how much it will cost and offers no significant degree of flexibility to state government.

Included with this letter are signed petitions from Nebraskans from across the state asking you to oppose implementing ObamaCare in Nebraska; we respectfully ask you to oppose implementing a state health care exchange.



Brad Stevens

State Director

Americans for Prosperity-Nebraska

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