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Block ObamaCare Exchanges in Nebraska

November 13, 2012

While ObamaCare may be the law of the land, fortunately Nebraska does have a choice whether to participate in setting up Obama’s health care exchanges.

Nebraska should refuse to lend state support, state expertise and state funding in support of implementing a law the majority would rather see repealed.

Click here to tell your State Senator to oppose a state ObamaCare exchange.

Or call Gov. Heineman at either (402) 471-2244 (Lincoln) or (308) 632-1370 (Scottsbluff).

Health care exchanges were created by the president’s flawed health care law and serve to pile thousands of pages of rules and regulations while transferring control to health care bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. These bloated bureaucracies hurt Nebraska by driving up the cost of insurance. Even worse, it will be paid for by a tax on health insurance plans in our state after federal money runs out in 2014. Worst of all, by creating an exchange, Nebraska businesses could be hit by a $3,000 per employee tax.

Nebraska can’t afford more of Washington’s failed tax-and-spend policies.

Thankfully, many states including, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Missouri, South Carolina and Kansas, are taking a stand.

Click here to tell your Senator Nebraska should join the chorus in saying “no” to Obama’s health care exchanges.

For more information on Obama Health Insurance Exchanges, visit our website www.americanhealthcarefreedom.com

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