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Bellevue Tax Increase Alert: Tax Action Now!

October 26, 2012

The Bellevue City Administrator and other local officials are asking you to cough up and pay an increased sales tax.

This sales tax increase places an extra $100 burden on Bellevue families who already shoulder an incredibly high local tax burden.

Click here to email Mayor Rita Sanders or call (402) 293.3020 and tell the Mayor struggling families cannot afford even higher tax rates!

The $100 Burden
The average family spends $48,100 annually. After subtracting expenses not applicable to the state sales tax: mortgage payments, health insurance, groceries, etc. the average family spends $19,400 annually on purchases that are applicable to the state sales tax.

The tax on those purchases at 7% – $1,358
The tax at 7.5%: – $1,455
The difference is $97

Because the Legislature, with the support of Bellevue area Sen. Abbie Cornett, this year voted to override Gov. Heineman’s veto and allowed local municipalities to increase the sales tax Bellevue residents are now threatened with an increased tax burden.

Click here and send a quick message to Mayor Sanders: Bellevue residents already pay enough in taxes.  We cannot afford an extra $100 in increased sales taxes.

Nebraskans already pay the 15th highest rate of taxes to fund local and state government, according to the non-partisan Tax Foundation. Adding an extra $100 onto that bill will only make it more difficult for families and small business to succeed during difficult economic times.

Please, click here or call (402) 293.3020 and take action now!

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