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AFP Participates in KXL Open House in York

November 28, 2012

AFP-NE Represented at KXL Open House in York

The proposed TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline was center stage at an open house held at Chances R in York, Nebraska last night.  AFP-NE and its members were represented by Deputy State Director, Matt Litt, at the event.

The informational open house was hosted by Nebraskans for Jobs & Energy Independence and the Nebraska Energy Forum.  The night began with a formal presentation and followed by a substantial Q&A session.  The three previously mentioned entities provided in-depth information and spoke directly to Nebraskans who have concerns about the KXL.  Some of the information highlights that are often overlooked:

-          according to the USDOT, pipeline is the safest way to transport oil;

-          2,000 miles of crude oil pipeline already runs across the Ogallala Aquifer;

-          TransCanada raised the safety bar for themselves through an additional 57 safety features and procedures;

-          the diluted bitumen that would flow through the KXL has been found by the independent American Society for Testing and Materials International are no more corrosive than other types of crude oil;

-          first responders in areas of pipeline are thoroughly trained to contain spills and TransCanada is completely responsible to all clean-up and damages;

-          oil in the pipeline comes from sources in Canada, Montana, and North Dakota and North Dakota has slowed oil production because existing pipeline is to small and KXL would allow ND to produce more;

-          TransCanada is liable for all costs in case of a spill and land owners have never and will never be required to purchase liability insurance; and

-          land owners do not lose their land to TransCanada and are compensated for permanent and temporary easements and for potential diminished crop yields for three years.

Let’s not forget the benefits to the local and state economies or the increased tax revenue.

This is not a “right versus left” issue.  The Laborers’ International Union of North America has called for KXL to be approved!  This is a hold out by environmental extremists who are twisting the truth to scare landowners and other Nebraskans.

What can you do to advance the KXL?  Do your homework- Check the Facts, and speak out:

-          talk to your friends and family;

-          write to the editor of your local paper;

-          contact your state senator;

-          contact Governor Heineman;

-          contact your Rep. TerryFortenberry, or Smith and Senators Johanns and     Nelson; and

-          contact President Obama.

Tell them that it’s time to build the Keystone XL Pipeline in Nebraska.

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