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AFP Legislative Agenda: Bills to Support, Oppose and Monitor

January 17, 2013

Below are introduced bills through 5-20-13 which AFP-Nebraska has chosen to either SUPPORT, OPPOSE or MONITOR.  We will be updating this list daily.

Bill Senator memo Committee Hearing Date Status
LB 5 Krist Exempt SS and military Retirement Benefits Revenue Jan. 31st
LB 14 Krist Income Tax Credits for Education Opportunity Revenue March 5th
LB 17 Nordquist Exempt SS benefits from state income tax Revenue Jan. 30th
LB 65 Schilz Counties set sheriff’s fees and commissions Government Jan. 30th
LB 74 Janssen Exempt SS benefits from state income tax Revenue Jan. 30th
LB 75 Janssen Exempt military benefits from state income tax Revenue Jan. 31st
LB 79 Avery Change political accountability and disclosure Government Jan. 25th Signed by Gov.
LB 125 Lautenbaugh Reform the OPS School Board Government Jan. 24th Signed by Gov.
LB 149 Pirsch Reviews of state agencies and program Executive Jan. 28th IP
LB 176 Smith Exempt military benefits from state income tax Revenue Jan. 31st
LB 179 Kintner Eliminate the Learning Community Education Feb. 26th IP
LB 227 Kintner Exempt retirement benefits from state income tax Revenue Jan. 31st
LB 238 Crawford Exempt retirement benefits from state income tax Revenue Jan. 30th
LB 266 Chambers Eliminate local option sales tax rate increase Revenue Feb. 27th
LB 274 Nordquist Education Compensation Transparency Act Education Feb. 5th Incorprorated in Committee Amendment
LR 2CA Pirsch Increase standard for tax increases Revenue March 21st
LB 405 McCoy Eliminate the Income Tax and Certain Sales Exemptions Revenue Feb. 6th IP
LB 412 Schumacher Freedom from Unwanted Surveillance Act Judiciary Feb. 14
LB 448 Avery Prohibit lobbyists from making contributions during session Government Feb. 22nd
LB 470 Scheer Adopt the Superintendent Pay Transparency Act Education Feb. 5th General File
LB 474 Krist Reform the Occupation Tax Revenue March 13th General File
LB 482 Kintner Prohibit incorporating Agenda 21 in Nebraska Judiciary Feb. 13th
LB 564 Nelson Adopt the Health Care Freedom of Conscience Act Judiciary March 1st
LB 593 Lautenbaugh Adopt the Charter Schools Act Education Feb. 25th IP
LB 600 Wightman Lower Inheritance Tax Rates Revenue Feb. 27th
LB 613 Schumacher Tax Modernization Committee (McCoy Priority Bill) Revenue Feb. 19th Select File
LB 629 Conrad Adopt the Tax Expenditure Reporting Act Appropriations Feb. 25th Signed by Gov.
Bill Senator Memo Committee Hearing Date Status
LB 104 Lathrop Tax Incentives for Renewables Revenue Feb. 14th E&R
LB 184 Haar Funding for Wind Application Center Appropriations March 19th
LB 217 Avery Increase Constitutional Officers’ Salaries Government Feb. 13th
LB 346 Kolowski Increase Property Tax Levy for Schools Reveneu March 7th
LB 439 Gloor Increase tax rate on tobacco products Revenue March 13th
LB 447 Avery Remove exemption on pop to create new spending program Revenue March 15th
LB 512 Scheer Adopt Common Core national curriculum standards Education Feb. 25th
LB 531 Conrad Repeal the Build Nebraska Act (Roads Funding via Sales Tax) Revenue Feb. 27th
LB 532 Conrad Increase Income Tax Rates Revenue Feb. 8th
LB 540 Chambers Prohibit requirment that teachers lead the Pledge of Allegiance Education March 18th
LB 577 Campbell Expand Medicaid under the President’s Health Care Law HHS Feb. 28th General File
LB 583 Haar Include Climate Change in Climate Assessment Response Committee Agriculture Feb. 26th Final Reading
Bill Senator Memo Committee Hearing Date Status
LB 81 Schumacher Income tax deduction for corporate dividends Revenue Feb. 20th
LB 82 Schumacher Taxpayer Investment Program Revenue March 5th Failed E&R
LB 308 Schumacher Change income tax related to federal ATM Revenue March 5th General File
LB 312 Scheer Expand designated unfair insurance trade practices Banking Feb. 25th
LB 327 Pirsch Lower individual income tax rates Revenue Feb. 8th
LB 328 Pirsch Lower corporate income tax rates Revenue Feb. 20th
LB 333 Schumacher Change sales tax collection fees Revenue March 20th
LB 384 Nordquist Exchange Transparency Act Banking Feb. 19th Approved by Gov
LB 438 Adams Priority Schools, Operating Councils & Community Schools Education Feb. 25th General File
LB 488 Revenue Comm Change provisions to the municipal occupation tax Revenue March 13th
LB 406 McCoy Limited version of Gov’s Tax Reform Plan Revenue Feb. 7th IP
LB 585 Smith Significantly reform the structure of the Learning Community Education Feb. 26th Signed by Gov.

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