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AFP Applauds Rep. Terry for Efforts to Get Keystone XL Flowing

July 26, 2012

On July 23 Representative Lee Terry sponsored a billthat would eliminate the presidential permit needed for construction of Keystone XL” (KXL) up to the South Dakota/Nebraska border.  Terry told reporters that this Keystone bill was “new and improved” and that the Keystone XL “project helps us become energy independent and… create jobs”.  As noted in the Omaha World Herald, the proposed legislation would allow Montana and South Dakota to begin their sections of the KXL, while the route in Nebraska is finalized and approved or disapproved.

Terry’s bill is also timely due to Canadian interest in sending oil to China if the KXL is not completed.  America could lose this significant energy source to China and its $15 billion bid by the China National Offshore Oil Corporation to purchase the Canadian oil-sand company, Nexen.  We deserve a smarter energy policy that keeps North American energy here at home.

AFP-Nebraska applauds Congressman Terry for his work to make our nation more energy independent.  While the Obama and Clinton lead State Department “drags their feet” in an attempt to stall out the Keystone XL project, it is important now to show our support for Congressman Terry’s bill.

During the 2011 Nebraska Unicameral Special Session TransCanada agreed to revise the pipeline route to avoid the Nebraska Sand Halls.  That new route has been submitted to the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality and the U.S. State Department earlier this year.

This past June the State Department announced “it would conduct another environmental-impact study of the entire route, which is 1,179 miles long, rather than just the 88-mile portion that was updated”.  It is curious that Obama has already approved the southern part of the KXL.  This suggests the president is using the section running through Nebraska as nothing more than a political prop.  As Terry stated, “[w]e can no longer afford to have important energy issues held hostage by election-day politics”.

As Americans for Prosperity, we do not want to be a talking point for the president’s campaign stops to radical environmental groups; we want the benefits the KXL will bring!  As previously noted by AFP Nebraska, the KXL will create 7,500 jobs in our state, $585 million in new tax revenue, and the new line employs newer and safer technology.  The financial benefits, through increased respect and care for the fields and water sources of Nebraska, are too great to be squandered!  Keystone XL is one more step to prosperity for hard working Nebraska families.

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