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AFP Activists Reach 300,000 Nebraska Households for Economic Freedom

November 26, 2012


That’s how many phone calls AFP volunteers made across the state of Nebraska this year educating neighbors of the failing economic agenda of Bob Kerrey and President Obama.


That’s how many houses AFP volunteers went to distributing our economic freedom literature.

Group of high school students at AFP phone bank in Lincoln

Combining our phone banking and door-to-door activities we reached out to nearly 300,000 Nebraska households with our volunteer activists.

That’s simply incredible.

While many are discouraged about the course of the country, we are truly encouraged by the hundreds of Nebraskans who logged in over 2,300 volunteer hours helping us promote economic freedom.

Be encouraged that as a member of AFP you are a part of something really big, and an organization that is making a difference.

But we need to get bigger so we can make an even bigger impact.

Make sure you like us on Facebook and are following us on Twitter.

And visit our website www.afpnebraska.com regularly and share our information via email and Facebook.  It will help us grow the movement online.

We have done a lot of great work together, but we will need your help to keep up this momentum!

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