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ACLU Should Promote Freedom, Not Attack Pledge of Allegiance

August 28, 2012

The Nebraska chapter of the ACLU issued a ‘guidance’ this week meant to intimidate school leaders into eliminating the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in the classroom.

This summer the Nebraska State Board of Education on a bi-partisan, unanimous vote approved a rule requiring all public schools statewide to provide time for recitation of the pledge.  Board members overwhelmingly approved this rule to promote patriotism and love of country in our students.

A respect for our nation and its pledge should be without controversy in our taxpayer-funded schools.  Yet, the American Civil Liberties Union has sought to create an issue in its effort to promote a far-left political agenda.

ACLU Nebraska legal director Amy Miller wrote to public school leaders (and the media):

“Our public schools should be focused on education, not indoctrination”

Reciting the pledge is a reminder of the principles that gird this country.  Calling the pledge ‘indoctrination’ undermines respect for the truths contained within the oath and dishonors those who have sacrificed their blood and treasure to promote its ideals.

One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

America is the greatest nation on earth because of our long commitment to principle and our determination to promote liberty and justice for all – without prejudice for religion, ethnicity or creed.

The State Board of Education within its rule offered an opt-out for individual students and teachers to choose not to participate in the pledge.  True to our American heritage of respect for individual freedom, the board acted responsibly with this opt-out provision.

For the ACLU to exploit the opt-out and create a political issue out of the Pledge of Allegiance is wrong.

America’s students should be taught to love our nation, respect its traditions and engage in civic activism.

Our State Board of Education was right to promote the Pledge of Allegiance.  Our schools are right to lead our students in the pledge.  And the ACLU is wrong to deride the pledge as ‘indoctrination.’

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