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County Leaders Support Repealing Nebraska's Death Tax

March 13, 2012

Not every county official believes that eliminating the unfair Death Tax would require county governments to increase the property tax. In fact, many county leaders SUPPORT the Governor’s tax relief plan and want to see the Legislature pass significant tax relief that includes repealing the Inheritance Tax.

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Today in Gretna Sarpy County Commissioner Jim Warren told grassroots activists why he supports repealing the death and and middle class tax relief: because it would force government to lower spending.

Commissioner Warren feels the same way the majority of Nebraskans do; that government has gotten too big and too expensive. Commissioner Warren pointed to significant salary increases given to county staff, the lavish benefits (which include free health care) and generous paid leave as examples of where Sarpy County government could find spending cuts.

A few weeks ago Lancaster County Commissioner Brent Smoyer told a group of AFP-NE activists that he too supported repealing the Death Tax and that a property tax increase would be irresponsible.

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Both Commissioners Warren and Smoyer did bring up an excellent point: unfunded mandates from the state and their expensive toll on county budgets. AFP-Nebraska opposes unfunded mandates whether they come from Washington, D.C. or Lincoln, NE.

Nebraska should repeal both the unfair Death Tax and unfair state mandates.

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