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Funding Tax Relief is Possible in Nebraska: Cut Spending

March 07, 2012

Currently state senators are bemoaning the idea of significant tax relief for middle class Nebraskans as unaffordable. They argue that since state tax revenue is not projected to increase in the coming year, it would be irresponsible to pass Gov. Heineman’s $130 million tax relief package.

It is irresponsible not to pass tax relief for Nebraska families and small businesses.

Did you know that state spending will increase by 2.7% over a two-year average from 2011-2013? While that is remarkably low compared to other states – and acknowledging that state government has made significant cuts to spending in recent years; the fact is overall spending continues to increase.

Nebraskans want overall spending to go down, not up.

A recent poll asked voters a basic question; what is the best way to grow the economy? The majority said cutting spending and lowering taxes. Only 36% responded that more government spending and taxing the rich is the best way to grow the economy.

Nebraska lawmakers should be looking to cut spending and lower taxes.

Less spending and lower taxes will make Nebraska attractive to families, start-up businesses and large companies. Consider the fact a majority of economists surveyed by the National Association of Business Economics that spending cuts are the best way to solve our current economic crisis; 37% argued for a mix of spending cuts and higher taxes and only 7% believe in tax increases alone.

The point? The majority of economists and voters alike believe government at all levels has grown too big, too expensive and taxes too much.

Nebraska’s state senator should not wait until the economy improves to cut taxes; it should happen now. Too many families are unemployed or underemployed. Tax relief, keeping more money in our pocketbooks, will do more for low-income and middle class families than more government spending.

Tell the Legislature’s Revenue Committee to support Gov. Heineman’s tax relief package by clicking here.

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