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Bob Kerrey's Penchant for Big Government

March 01, 2012

Bob Kerrey has changed his mind and is returning to Nebraska after all.

Unfortunately, Kerrey’s liberal ideas are coming with him.

Check out AFP-Nebraska’s TV ad reminding folks of Bob Kerrey’s Big Government ideas by clicking here.

Bob Kerrey is wrong on health care.

Kerrey would not repeal Obama’s health care takeover.

Worse, Kerrey wants a ‘single-payer’ system, which is truly government-run health care with government being the only provider of health care services. If you like making trips to the DMV, working with the IRS or dealing with government bureaucrats – then you will love Bob Kerrey’s health care plans.

Bob Kerrey is wrong on spending.

Kerrey was the swing vote on the Balanced Budget Amendment in 1994. After much waffling – sound familiar? – Kerrey voted against the BBA. Had Kerrey acted responsibly and voted for a Balanced Budget Amendment in ’94, our nation would not be facing a $15 Trillion deficit today.

Bob Kerrey is wrong on energy.

Kerrey lobbied for the Cap-and-Trade regime, that President Obama admitted would cause energy rates to ‘necessarily skyrocket’. Higher energy prices when the price at the pump is approaching $4 a gallon in Nebraska would crush our economy.

Watch AFP-Nebraska’s ad and sign our petition reminding Bob Kerrey that Big Government is a loser in Nebraska.

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