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Bold Nebraska's Extremism Costing Middle Class Jobs

February 14, 2012

TransCanada announced it would voluntarily reroute the Keystone XL pipeline from the contentious Sand Hills route, yet Jane Kleeb with the environmental group Bold Nebraska continues to attack the project.

Tell Jane Kleeb and Bold Nebraska that now is the time to build the pipeline.

“We are still standing shoulder to shoulder with those who do not want to see a permit for this pipeline approved,” said Kleeb to the LA Times.

While many Nebraskans are pleased to hear the pipeline will be re-routed, we are flabbergasted to learn liberal environmental groups are still attacking the project.

Kleeb and Bold Nebraska went on to attack the project, telling the Lincoln Journal Star “we still have concerns about TransCanada, we don’t think they build safe pipelines.”

To liberals like Jane Kleeb and Bold Nebraska, this is not about the route, it’s pipelines. More accurately, it’s the oil in the pipelines. These liberal special-interest groups have used this issue for their extremist agenda. They don’t care about the route – they care about stopping oil. They want cap-and-trade, they want smart cars, they want Solyndra and they want electricity rates to ‘necessarily skyrocket’ to usher in the era of green energy.

AFP-Nebraska believes more than anything our nation’s current energy problems have been politically driven. The middle class is hurting from liberal ideologues who put politics above people. When President Obama in March said he wants the U.S. to be Brazil’s biggest oil customer, he was flat out wrong. North America is energy rich; whether it is natural gas in Oklahoma, untapped oil resources in Colorado and the Gulf and, yes, tar sands oil in Canada, we have abundant energy supplies but politics has stunted our development.

Simply put, AFP-Nebraska believes the route needs to be the safest route possible, based on science. At the end of the day, what we support is an energy policy that supports development and independence, not prohibits it.

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